Sembreak, please come?!

I have been thinking a lot about sembreak. Maybe that’s why I can’t finish all my school works. As of this moment, I still have a couple of things to do. A thesis and a critic paper for economics. I really hate that critic paper. Amputek! Paimportante ang teacher huh?! Pwede naman kasing simpleng critic paper lang. Ang dami pang arte. Ikaw lang ang professor ko?! May thesis pa kasi ako na kailangan ipasa. Gusto ko na pong umuwi.

Ok, back to topic. I have so many series that is waiting for me. Started watching Gossip Girl last night and I’m loving it.

Gossip Girl.

Loving Blair though she’s a real bitch. Handsome Nate whose eyes will surely hunt you down. I know ngayon lang ako nagwatch but it has been stored in my computer for such a long time. I just can’t find the time to watch. Don’t get me wrong. Nanood na ako ng season 5  and looking forward to season 6. Chuck and Blair talaga ako. Solid ‘to teh! ♥


I don’t know why I like watching this series. I think it is because I’m amazed how Emily planned and did all those things for her revenge.   I’m now in episode five and still looking forward to the next episodes.


Hilong talilong lang to. Ako ang nagdownload tapos friends ko pa ang unang nakatapos. hahaha! Trip kasi nilang solohin lappy ko. Wawa naman ako. Funny lang tong series na to. Parang tanga yung girl kasi in love siya pero I don’t know. Baka ganun lang talaga siya. Ming and I are actually debating kung maganda yung girl or hindi. Maganda naman kasi yung girl, sa tingin ko. Maganda ba talaga yung girl?

The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

Season 4 for The Vampire Diaries. ‘Nuff said. Actually sister ko ang talagang nanonood nito, nakikigaya lang ako para vibes kami. hahaha! Elena and Stefan  for me. Sa akin kasi si Damon. ♥

Halloween Special for Pretty Little Liars. 

Next week na ‘to. Excited much! Adam Lambert will be there which it makes more exciting. 🙂

At yan ang reason why I’m looking forward for this sembreak. Aside from the fact that I’m going home this week. You should feel how excited I am for the next two weeks. 🙂



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