Just Saying

I don’t know what’s happening to me right now. I feel like bursting into tears though I don’t have any reason in doing so. My instinct is feeling something. Like somewhere out there, something is happening and if ever I will know what is happening, I will definitely feel worse. Some kind of drama this Saturday night. I just don’t know why I’m feeling like this. I really hate feeling this way. It is like I’m clueless on what’s happening. Surely, nothing is wrong at home since Mama didn’t even alert me on something.

Surprisingly, I am reading again the Fifty Shades trilogy. I don’t know why. I just remembered Christian Grey all of the sudden. In life, I’m waiting for love though I can’t helped to be bored that I’m always alone. The fact that I’m single lives through me. I watch movies, eat in my favorite restaurants and even wander around the mall endlessly all alone. Maybe I chose this path. In all honesty, sometimes I get jealous over couples but then I always think that the right one will come along. Someone who is like Christian Grey except for the kinky stuff. He’s just so perfect. Other people tend to judge the book because of all those rumors and prejudices they say but if you truly read the trilogy, you will notice that he is like those other guys who long for comfort, trust and love from his love ones. Christian Grey, I will always adore you! ♥

The other day, I had watched The Breaking Dawn Part 2. The fight scene is so epic and heartbreaking. I was really crying. Was so affected during the first few minutes of the fight scene and was cheering my heart out during the last minutes. And then BOOM! It was just a vision. Aro is extremely a coward. Am I spoiler? I hope not! But what I stated earlier s the twist in the story. I had watched the movie exactly one week from its opening. I did not read or search for reviews like I usually do if ever I’m planning to watch a movie in theaters.

I’m looking for sad songs in Youtube. I suddenly remembered this song from the movie. This is much better version because of the guy singing along with it. I cried during the first few stanza of the song though I don’t think this is a sad song. So emotional today, I wonder why. Sharing this one all of you.

Looking for other songs but then I’m just lazy to do so. I will just finish this then try to finish another post which is in my draft as of this moment. I think I have 4 or 5 unfinished posts in my draft folder. Lazy bee! 🙂


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