Day 1

Day 1: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Ugly me equals busy me. Been so busy this day. Trying to squeeze in as much information my brain can take. Studying accounting on a Sunday night is becoming a bad idea. But I still have to study and I also have a couple of photocopies to read for my computer subject. Love being busy so that I will not succumb to any temptation namely procrastinating. Well, I still find time to bum and watch television while solving problems. 🙂

On the side note, Chris Tiu is back in the PBA. Happiness overload!! He is supposed to be back next week in the game versus San Mig Coffee. But then, he played during the last few minutes of the first quarter. As of now, he has 8 points and 1 assist. Hope they will win!! *fingers crossed* I will never regret staying home this Sunday night. 🙂

So that summarizes my day. I just watched videos from Youtube this morning while trying to think what to write to this blog. The night is still young and I hope many things will happen though I plan to sleep early.

The 30 days blog challenge photo is from Google. 


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