Day 3

Day 3: Your favorite store.


Can this be considered as a store? Well, you this challenge means a store as in a clothing store, I don’t have one. I rarely shop for clothes. I prefer buying bags or shoes. Most of my money or should I say 90% of my allowance goes to food. I really love eating and try out newly opened restaurants. Though most of the time,I’m alone in doing so. I find happiness in doing that and I don’t think any one can change that.

Happy Lemon opened last August 18 (I think!) here in Davao. I was able to try it on my birthday. Since my birthday is also my cheat day, I ate whatever I want. After having lunch with my best friend in Greenwich since we are both craving for pasta, we went to Happy Lemon. Bestie did not want to try anything so I was the only one who ordered. I think I still have a picture of my drink way back then.


Since then, I always try to find time to go to the mall and drink one of my guilty pleasures. I just forgot the name mainly because I haven’t got the chance to go to Happy Lemon since second semester started. Perhaps I will go not later than Saturday. 🙂



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