Day 4


Day 4: Your favorite photograph of your best friend. 


Marmie is my only constant friend since first year college. I don’t think that we can live a week without seeing each other. We just have to talk and talk about everything anything under the sun. Due to the fact that our course transferred to another campus, we can’t see each other regularly.

I can’t think why this is one of my favorite picture of her. I found this image while I was browsing the pictures that I have already posted in twitter. She even found it hilarious that I posted this picture of her in my account. I private message her in facebook for that. haha!

On the other hand, my absence in blogging is extremely frustrating. I can’t say that I’m in writer’s block because in the first place I’m not a writer. Every time I try to write something up, I always tend to go astray. It’s extremely disappointing that I missed a week in my blog challenge. I should be half way in my challenge. Oh well, I can’t turn back time. Just hoping I won’t miss another day so that i will be finish before the new year comes. As of now, I have a number of topics I can write about but first I have to collect details and pictures to illustrate further and story tell it more.

Just thought that I will blog tonight since I can’t sleep again. I was asleep almost the whole afternoon because of the cuddling weather. A typhoon just struck Davao. In my four years of living here, it is only the second time that it happened. Not that I regret sleeping this afternoon but I hope I will be able to sleep soon. I still have a class tomorrow morning. Good night for now! 🙂


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