Day 5

bck11Day 5: A Photo of Yourself Two Years Ago.

Ü1This picture was taken about four years ago as stated in the date in the image. I can’t find a picture of mine from two years back. That was the time that I was not a vain like today. But I still don’t think that I’m vain just like that.

As anyone can see, nothing have changed. I’m still the same me. The same one as I was years ago. Though I’m not that grade conscious like before. haha! One more thing, I’m whiter in this picture. Maybe this is due the fact that my classes are held in one classroom only. Unlike today that I have to transfer from one building to another underneath the  scorching heat of the sun. I’m thinner also here though it can’t easily be noticed since this is an upper body shot.

So much have changed, physically or not. I’m can’t easily change if the change is for the better or for the worse but I’m sure that these changes have brought a definite change in me. 🙂


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