Day 8

bck11Day 8: A song and photo to match your mood.

After hearing the song, maybe you will have an idea what my mood is right now. For clarification, I don’t have an ex to cry over or anything. He’s just someone who rock my world in an unexpected way.

IMG_3676So sad. So many things happened but he never give an second of his time to notice m.e Just when I thought I have already moved on, I will discover something the will make me think otherwise. Who do he think he is?! I know I don’t have any right to be angry or what. I just what to move on and never hear from him anymore. I’m also considering erasing my history since the beginning of time but there are many websites that I can’t vaguely remember that are in stored in the history.

Maybe I will write up another post before the night ends about my new coping mechanism. Just hope that I have enough time later and I will not be crazy to do so. Have to take a bath after I write this post since my aunt is hosting dinner. 🙂




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