Coping Mechanism

Everyone has its own coping mechanism. Some may have to do those weird things but definitely they will help them survive in a way. These past few days were not easy on me. May be this is the reason that I stopped doing the 30 days blog challenge. Deep in my heart, I was really hoping that I will be able to finish it. But school works and other stuff makes me busy. Well, I must admit that despite all of that I have been procrastinating most of the time like today. Spent almost five hours sleeping that I totally forgotten to eat. I had my first meal of the day in the afternoon which is so unlike me.

I have discovered so many things in a span of two weeks. Some times I cry about it. Or may be I did not know I was crying until I felt the tears in my face. So emotional freak! I have mastered the art of pretending nowadays. It will do me no good if I let people know of my weaknesses or rather my weakness which is him. I have to find a way that will let me ignore things. As if things are normal, as if I’m not thinking of what I have realized.

I find joy in watching Korean dramas. Though some of the shows that I have been watching are like reruns. I have been watching them since God knows when. But there are two dramas that I will not be tired of watching, You’re  Beautiful and A Gentleman’s Dignity. There is a certain concept of those shows that I would likely incorporate with myself.

With You’re Beautiful, the girl is having a hard time concealing her feelings  that it end up her singing a song so emotionally. I was in tears when I saw that part though the first time I watched the video in youtube there was no subtitle to it. You can just feel the emotion that girl used in singing the sad song. And there were also some family issues that made the girl run away from the boy. The past is in connection with the present situation in the story. I will always love that story and I will never get tired watching it.

A Gentleman’s Dignity is a different story. The concept of one sided love intrigued me to death. I was having the same sentiments with the protagonist. Though this a story of four guys in their middle age,  you will notice that the story somehow evolves with one of the  guys anyway.When everything seemed already settled, the past will haunt them again. There goes the drama once again.

Concealing feelings. One sided love. These are feelings that I have been doing since I can remember. No wonder these two dramas perked up my interest. You should try watching these kind of things.Romantic comedy at its finest. I was just trying to shut away from all the drama that Gossip Girl is bringing into my life every week though the final episode will air next week.

So there you go. My new coping mechanism is watching Korean dramas till my eyes hurt. I will start watching Love Rain when Christmas break starts that will be a week from now. 🙂


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