Random Ramblings

This post is actually posted in tumblr but last night I realized something. Tumblr is not so reliable blogging surface. It tends to be a freaking crap at times. I’m not a person born with a so long patience especially in things like this. I decided that wordpress is much more capable to cater with my needs like this one. Instead of exporting my blogs, I decided to just write another one with the same contents like pictures.

This pictures were mostly taken the week preceding the new year. Not that I’m busy or something but they are just random pictures taken. It may be connected to something, I’m just not sure.IMG_5867 IMG_5879Last Christmas Eve. I can’t resist posting these  pictures though I look disastrous in the first photo. My niece and nephew are the cutest thing ever, don’t you agree? They kinda look alike although Jairell (the one in blue) is the older one. ☺

IMG_5985Been constantly craving for chocolates. Any kind of chocolates but I still prefer the milk chocolate flavor. There is also flavor of Cadburry chocolate I really want to eat this past few months. I totally forgot the name of that flavor. All I know is that there is a caramel oozing outside the chocolate every time you bite. I also think it is only available abroad or may be in Duty Free. I tried looking for it at supermarkets but I really can’t find it.

IMG_6024Media Noche. For New Year’s Eve dinner, I think I consumed more than three plates full of food. And I didn’t get a small serving of each food but a big one. Desserts overload! And the food coma did not end there but it continued till now. I’m actually surprised my best friend did not comment that I’m fatter than the last time she saw me. I actually feel so bloated. But feeling so blessed with the food that’s coming my way. ☺

More posts to come this 2013 since I feel so right writing here. A brand new camera for me, please? I want to capture every moment that seems special since this year is my last year in college. I also hope for more travel before deciding if i should throw myslf to the sharks next year. But that’s a long way to go. I’m planning to enjoy this year to the fullest. ☺


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