Wanna Watch This Badly!

Getting addicted again to Kpop. I was a fan way back then when i first saw the music video of Super Junior. Since then, I always adore them to death. I ♥ Siwon.

After watching Love Rain, YoonA is one reason why my love to Kpop returned. I absolutely adore her. She’s the cutest. I spent almost five hours last night watching her videos in youtube while blogging.

I remembered about the Dream Fantasy Concert that my sister was ranting about . She even said that she will love anyone who will give her a ticket to that concert. Back then, I considered her insane for saying that. I even think that she is in the verge of dealing with my mother that all she want is a ticket for that concert in exchange of a debut (her birthday is on January 22).

Now, I understand her feeling. I badly want to watch this concert. I wanna see  YoonA. I don’t even care about the others but Girl’s Generation is enough for me.  I even wanna apply desperate measures for this. If only, I even care about this months ago may be I still have a savings. But even my ATM is also zero balance since the holidays just ended. huhu! I want to cry na!!

Then I saw this video of SNSD inviting everyone to watch the concert.

I really pray for a miracle right now. I’m even praying that my father will be in Manila during that day.   ☺

DKFCAlso found this video with all the artists inviting everyone to watch.

Absolutely praying for a miracle right now! ☺


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