Happy Bee

School will resume tomorrow. I still haven’t finish my take home exam in computer education. Good thing in accounting, I have a solution manual which really helps me a lot in that subject. Upon reading my exam, I can’t understand what the questions are all about. I only remembered that we had that as lessons before holiday break begun that I can’t actually recall if those were thoroughly explained. I, therefore conclude that this holiday break did not do me any good. Even trying to solve some accounting problems seem hard. I must really study hard. Final examination is fast approaching.

On the good side, two of my favorite series will be returning from break this week, Pretty Little Liars and Revenge.  So happy I can’t hardly wait for it.

revenge_1__spanAlthough I just finished watching the first season and the nine episodes of season two three days into the Christmas break, I’m deeply engrossed with the story. I actually like how she plans to take every person down that she thinks is involved in her father’s death. With this kind of show, your mind can also be exercised into thinking not only critically but also creatively. Added fact is that, Josh Bowman is so gwapo. British accent to nth level though I sometimes thinks that he is trying to hide it. I want Emily and Daniel (Josh Bowman’s character) to end up together. I just don’t know how with the kind of mess they are currently into.

pretty-little-liarsThere is also the return of Pretty Little Liars. This show actually is the reason why I’m addicted in watching American series. If not for this show, I would have stick to Korean dramas which can offer me that kilig. I absolutely adore these four girls but I love Aria (Lucy Hale) the most. Everything about her is close to perfection. Kidding! Way before the start of the second season, I already finished reading the book series. I actually don’t like the ending mainly because Aria end up with Noel Khan instead of Ezra. The relationship of Aria and Ezra is thrilling due to the fact that it was a secret at first and it is absolutely a forbidden one since he was teacher at the school. I know who A is if the story line follows the flow of events in the books. I certainly hope not, in terms of their love life, though I wouldn’t mind if the in book and in this show is the same.

So, those are the reasons why I’m a happy bee despite having classes tomorrow. I’ll just sleep extra early tonight so that I will wake up in time for class.Hope I will not oversleep again. Good night folks! ☺



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