I Got A Boy

Girls’ Generation newest music video is finally out. Actually it was released last week, I think during New Year. See for yourself!

Found some lyrics to it but opted not to post it. I’m starting to love SNSD because of YoonA though I was fan before. This time I really want to see their concert. It is like a obsession I need a cure of. Exaggeration to the higgest level! 

Minutes ago, I found out through profile hopping in facebook that a friend I met during the meet and greet for Chris Tiu a year ago, is going to the concert. To make me more jealous, her ticket is VIP Platinum. Envy to the peak of Mt. Fuji!! 

I’m just really hoping for a miracle. A weekend in Manila with my Papa will be the best. To watch the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert will surely give a bang to start my year. If ever that will happen. I think I will also be able to watch a PBA finals game. Wish come true if ever!!

Random entry talking about the music video of Girls’ Generation to my feelings, lastly to my secret wish that I really hope will come true.


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