City Meet 2012

Last December 23 (talking about backlog), I watched the swimming varsity team of our school in the City Meet of PRISAA. It is the qualifying round so that the winners will be able to compete for the regional competition. I was excited to watch the girls division since my sistah from another motha is competing. But they were not competing pala since there were no other contestants from other school. So I just enjoyed cheering my heart out for the boys. I was also the photographer of the day.

Good thing about this kind of events is that I’m meeting new friends. Well, we may not be close but at least my social circle is not crumbling down. hehe!

Some of the pictures from that day.

IMG_5837 IMG_5838 IMG_5839Decided to make a collage na lang of the other pictures since I don’t want to flood this post with pictures which I’m not part of. hehe!PicMonkey CollageStill thinking if I should watch the regional meet this Sunday. If only the venue is here in Davao, I will surely be there but it is in Tagum. Want to watch since I want to see the Olympic size swimming pool. I have this gut feeling that I have many things to do this weekend. I still have to finish my requirement for my computer education class since I’m always lazy in that class especially if we are in the computer laboratory.  Must consider all options.  🙂



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