It’s Just ME!

May Frances. 

Twenty year old girl absolutely trying to be an explorer. Loves heels as much as she loves food. No cam whore so don’t worry of seeing pictures of me every now and then. Though I love photography and most of my subjects are my friends, places and events. Bizarre in every other way. Introvert and procrastinator. A bookworm but not a bibliophile. Loving Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge and The Vampire Diaries. Discovering new fast foods is hobby she can’t remove.

Blog is full of rants about anything under the sun. No attention seeker. No holds barred, I say what I want.  Use Tagalog and English to express better what I want to say. Pretentious ones are not allowed. Honesty is the best policy.

Just try to be happy. Think positive and everything will be alright! ☺


2 thoughts on “It’s Just ME!

  1. hello^^
    dahil nakita ko ang blog mo na parehas pala tau ng theme, pwede ko mba malaman kung panu i-edit ung navigation sa taas? bago lang po kasi ako sa wordpress eh. Salamat!!

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