Next Destination

Back to writing. I actually miss posting something anything everything about the sun. haha! Been so busy these past few days because of so many things I do. Though I think most of the things I’m doing are not important like watching endless dramas (Korean or Taiwanese) and catching up on the American series I miss.

The past few days, I have been making a checklist of countries I want to visit next year. Wondering why not this year? Because I will be graduating this year preferably October. It goes to show that I will be very busy till the end of the year. Hopefully next year , I already have a job and fulfilling one of my the ultimate goals in life will start. I just realized the other day that I’m not a person who easily gets contented and I long to move every now and then.

In connection to that, I really want to leave Davao for the weekend. I should have saved up all my extra money last year so that I can attend the Sinulog festival this weekend. But everything is too late now.

I actually don’t have any travel plans. Well, I want to go to Hongkong this December if my father will sponsor my trip as a graduation gift. I added South Korea in my wishlist since I have been watching too much Korean dramas lately.

Never thought that I have this desire to visit Seoul that much. As early as now, I’m trying to learn to speak their language and learn their culture. Watching Korean dramas and those times I watch videos in youtube greatly help. And you can find all sort of tutorials in the internet.

I’m also trying to find blogs which have posts about their Seoul’s adventure. Trying to list up all the possible places I can visit if hopefully I can go there. And mot of all, I want to unleash my fangirling prowess. Amusement parks are a must visit like Lotte World.

Well, Seoul hope you can wait for me next year. Spring or autumn time would be perfect for a visit. I can also give winter season a try. I would really love to see snow and I will put it in a jar to back back to the Philippines. Just kidding! 🙂


City Meet 2012

Last December 23 (talking about backlog), I watched the swimming varsity team of our school in the City Meet of PRISAA. It is the qualifying round so that the winners will be able to compete for the regional competition. I was excited to watch the girls division since my sistah from another motha is competing. But they were not competing pala since there were no other contestants from other school. So I just enjoyed cheering my heart out for the boys. I was also the photographer of the day.

Good thing about this kind of events is that I’m meeting new friends. Well, we may not be close but at least my social circle is not crumbling down. hehe!

Some of the pictures from that day.

IMG_5837 IMG_5838 IMG_5839Decided to make a collage na lang of the other pictures since I don’t want to flood this post with pictures which I’m not part of. hehe!PicMonkey CollageStill thinking if I should watch the regional meet this Sunday. If only the venue is here in Davao, I will surely be there but it is in Tagum. Want to watch since I want to see the Olympic size swimming pool. I have this gut feeling that I have many things to do this weekend. I still have to finish my requirement for my computer education class since I’m always lazy in that class especially if we are in the computer laboratory.  Must consider all options.  🙂


I Got A Boy

Girls’ Generation newest music video is finally out. Actually it was released last week, I think during New Year. See for yourself!

Found some lyrics to it but opted not to post it. I’m starting to love SNSD because of YoonA though I was fan before. This time I really want to see their concert. It is like a obsession I need a cure of. Exaggeration to the higgest level! 

Minutes ago, I found out through profile hopping in facebook that a friend I met during the meet and greet for Chris Tiu a year ago, is going to the concert. To make me more jealous, her ticket is VIP Platinum. Envy to the peak of Mt. Fuji!! 

I’m just really hoping for a miracle. A weekend in Manila with my Papa will be the best. To watch the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert will surely give a bang to start my year. If ever that will happen. I think I will also be able to watch a PBA finals game. Wish come true if ever!!

Random entry talking about the music video of Girls’ Generation to my feelings, lastly to my secret wish that I really hope will come true.

Happy Bee

School will resume tomorrow. I still haven’t finish my take home exam in computer education. Good thing in accounting, I have a solution manual which really helps me a lot in that subject. Upon reading my exam, I can’t understand what the questions are all about. I only remembered that we had that as lessons before holiday break begun that I can’t actually recall if those were thoroughly explained. I, therefore conclude that this holiday break did not do me any good. Even trying to solve some accounting problems seem hard. I must really study hard. Final examination is fast approaching.

On the good side, two of my favorite series will be returning from break this week, Pretty Little Liars and Revenge.  So happy I can’t hardly wait for it.

revenge_1__spanAlthough I just finished watching the first season and the nine episodes of season two three days into the Christmas break, I’m deeply engrossed with the story. I actually like how she plans to take every person down that she thinks is involved in her father’s death. With this kind of show, your mind can also be exercised into thinking not only critically but also creatively. Added fact is that, Josh Bowman is so gwapo. British accent to nth level though I sometimes thinks that he is trying to hide it. I want Emily and Daniel (Josh Bowman’s character) to end up together. I just don’t know how with the kind of mess they are currently into.

pretty-little-liarsThere is also the return of Pretty Little Liars. This show actually is the reason why I’m addicted in watching American series. If not for this show, I would have stick to Korean dramas which can offer me that kilig. I absolutely adore these four girls but I love Aria (Lucy Hale) the most. Everything about her is close to perfection. Kidding! Way before the start of the second season, I already finished reading the book series. I actually don’t like the ending mainly because Aria end up with Noel Khan instead of Ezra. The relationship of Aria and Ezra is thrilling due to the fact that it was a secret at first and it is absolutely a forbidden one since he was teacher at the school. I know who A is if the story line follows the flow of events in the books. I certainly hope not, in terms of their love life, though I wouldn’t mind if the in book and in this show is the same.

So, those are the reasons why I’m a happy bee despite having classes tomorrow. I’ll just sleep extra early tonight so that I will wake up in time for class.Hope I will not oversleep again. Good night folks! ☺


Wanna Watch This Badly!

Getting addicted again to Kpop. I was a fan way back then when i first saw the music video of Super Junior. Since then, I always adore them to death. I ♥ Siwon.

After watching Love Rain, YoonA is one reason why my love to Kpop returned. I absolutely adore her. She’s the cutest. I spent almost five hours last night watching her videos in youtube while blogging.

I remembered about the Dream Fantasy Concert that my sister was ranting about . She even said that she will love anyone who will give her a ticket to that concert. Back then, I considered her insane for saying that. I even think that she is in the verge of dealing with my mother that all she want is a ticket for that concert in exchange of a debut (her birthday is on January 22).

Now, I understand her feeling. I badly want to watch this concert. I wanna see  YoonA. I don’t even care about the others but Girl’s Generation is enough for me.  I even wanna apply desperate measures for this. If only, I even care about this months ago may be I still have a savings. But even my ATM is also zero balance since the holidays just ended. huhu! I want to cry na!!

Then I saw this video of SNSD inviting everyone to watch the concert.

I really pray for a miracle right now. I’m even praying that my father will be in Manila during that day.   ☺

DKFCAlso found this video with all the artists inviting everyone to watch.

Absolutely praying for a miracle right now! ☺

Random Ramblings

This post is actually posted in tumblr but last night I realized something. Tumblr is not so reliable blogging surface. It tends to be a freaking crap at times. I’m not a person born with a so long patience especially in things like this. I decided that wordpress is much more capable to cater with my needs like this one. Instead of exporting my blogs, I decided to just write another one with the same contents like pictures.

This pictures were mostly taken the week preceding the new year. Not that I’m busy or something but they are just random pictures taken. It may be connected to something, I’m just not sure.IMG_5867 IMG_5879Last Christmas Eve. I can’t resist posting these  pictures though I look disastrous in the first photo. My niece and nephew are the cutest thing ever, don’t you agree? They kinda look alike although Jairell (the one in blue) is the older one. ☺

IMG_5985Been constantly craving for chocolates. Any kind of chocolates but I still prefer the milk chocolate flavor. There is also flavor of Cadburry chocolate I really want to eat this past few months. I totally forgot the name of that flavor. All I know is that there is a caramel oozing outside the chocolate every time you bite. I also think it is only available abroad or may be in Duty Free. I tried looking for it at supermarkets but I really can’t find it.

IMG_6024Media Noche. For New Year’s Eve dinner, I think I consumed more than three plates full of food. And I didn’t get a small serving of each food but a big one. Desserts overload! And the food coma did not end there but it continued till now. I’m actually surprised my best friend did not comment that I’m fatter than the last time she saw me. I actually feel so bloated. But feeling so blessed with the food that’s coming my way. ☺

More posts to come this 2013 since I feel so right writing here. A brand new camera for me, please? I want to capture every moment that seems special since this year is my last year in college. I also hope for more travel before deciding if i should throw myslf to the sharks next year. But that’s a long way to go. I’m planning to enjoy this year to the fullest. ☺

Love Rain

For the past few days, I have been watching  the Korean drama Love Rain. It was my goal to finish the series before the new year begins but sadly I wasn’t able to accomplish that goal.

After watching the drama, I’m officially a fan of YoonA. She’s so pretty (sometimes beyond pretty pa nga!) and witty. I also watched some behind the scenes videos from youtube.Her antics are so funny that you can’t help but laugh with her.

I’ll be a forever fan of Jang Geun Suk. This fangirling started from You’re Beautiful till now. He’s so gwapo and his smile will absolutely will make you kilig. Aside from that, he can sing. I will forever adore guys who can actually sing. I also like the fact that his dramas involved some kind of art. In the previous two, it was singing (he is in boy band in You’re Beautiful while he’s a rock star in Mary Stayed Out All Night) and now photography. You will actually believe that he is a photographer by the way he portrays his role. I wanna learn photography na tuloy (nakikigaya lang!).

I collected some pictures from the internet to show that they have this great chemistry. The exudes kiligness by being funny. Ah! They are so cute. ☺

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9Can absolutely feel that kilig atmosphere. I actually shipping them now (it can change depending on my mood!). Ah! Love is in the air! ♥

Credits to all the owners of these pictures. 

Coping Mechanism

Everyone has its own coping mechanism. Some may have to do those weird things but definitely they will help them survive in a way. These past few days were not easy on me. May be this is the reason that I stopped doing the 30 days blog challenge. Deep in my heart, I was really hoping that I will be able to finish it. But school works and other stuff makes me busy. Well, I must admit that despite all of that I have been procrastinating most of the time like today. Spent almost five hours sleeping that I totally forgotten to eat. I had my first meal of the day in the afternoon which is so unlike me.

I have discovered so many things in a span of two weeks. Some times I cry about it. Or may be I did not know I was crying until I felt the tears in my face. So emotional freak! I have mastered the art of pretending nowadays. It will do me no good if I let people know of my weaknesses or rather my weakness which is him. I have to find a way that will let me ignore things. As if things are normal, as if I’m not thinking of what I have realized.

I find joy in watching Korean dramas. Though some of the shows that I have been watching are like reruns. I have been watching them since God knows when. But there are two dramas that I will not be tired of watching, You’re  Beautiful and A Gentleman’s Dignity. There is a certain concept of those shows that I would likely incorporate with myself.

With You’re Beautiful, the girl is having a hard time concealing her feelings  that it end up her singing a song so emotionally. I was in tears when I saw that part though the first time I watched the video in youtube there was no subtitle to it. You can just feel the emotion that girl used in singing the sad song. And there were also some family issues that made the girl run away from the boy. The past is in connection with the present situation in the story. I will always love that story and I will never get tired watching it.

A Gentleman’s Dignity is a different story. The concept of one sided love intrigued me to death. I was having the same sentiments with the protagonist. Though this a story of four guys in their middle age,  you will notice that the story somehow evolves with one of the  guys anyway.When everything seemed already settled, the past will haunt them again. There goes the drama once again.

Concealing feelings. One sided love. These are feelings that I have been doing since I can remember. No wonder these two dramas perked up my interest. You should try watching these kind of things.Romantic comedy at its finest. I was just trying to shut away from all the drama that Gossip Girl is bringing into my life every week though the final episode will air next week.

So there you go. My new coping mechanism is watching Korean dramas till my eyes hurt. I will start watching Love Rain when Christmas break starts that will be a week from now. 🙂

Day 8

bck11Day 8: A song and photo to match your mood.

After hearing the song, maybe you will have an idea what my mood is right now. For clarification, I don’t have an ex to cry over or anything. He’s just someone who rock my world in an unexpected way.

IMG_3676So sad. So many things happened but he never give an second of his time to notice m.e Just when I thought I have already moved on, I will discover something the will make me think otherwise. Who do he think he is?! I know I don’t have any right to be angry or what. I just what to move on and never hear from him anymore. I’m also considering erasing my history since the beginning of time but there are many websites that I can’t vaguely remember that are in stored in the history.

Maybe I will write up another post before the night ends about my new coping mechanism. Just hope that I have enough time later and I will not be crazy to do so. Have to take a bath after I write this post since my aunt is hosting dinner. 🙂