I Got A Boy

Girls’ Generation newest music video is finally out. Actually it was released last week, I think during New Year. See for yourself!

Found some lyrics to it but opted not to post it. I’m starting to love SNSD because of YoonA though I was fan before. This time I really want to see their concert. It is like a obsession I need a cure of. Exaggeration to the higgest level! 

Minutes ago, I found out through profile hopping in facebook that a friend I met during the meet and greet for Chris Tiu a year ago, is going to the concert. To make me more jealous, her ticket is VIP Platinum. Envy to the peak of Mt. Fuji!! 

I’m just really hoping for a miracle. A weekend in Manila with my Papa will be the best. To watch the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert will surely give a bang to start my year. If ever that will happen. I think I will also be able to watch a PBA finals game. Wish come true if ever!!

Random entry talking about the music video of Girls’ Generation to my feelings, lastly to my secret wish that I really hope will come true.



So excited for Taylor Swift’s new album. Iba kasi yung genre ng songs. Di na yung karaniwang genre ng mga songs niya. Listening to some of them already and nakaka LSS lang siya huh. Though yung theme ng mga songs ganun pa rin. Basta nag improve ang genre, ok na yun!

Some of the songs.




Happy listening! ☺

By the way, Red is the title of Taylor’s new album. That’s why the title of this post is RED. 🙂