Next Destination

Back to writing. I actually miss posting something anything everything about the sun. haha! Been so busy these past few days because of so many things I do. Though I think most of the things I’m doing are not important like watching endless dramas (Korean or Taiwanese) and catching up on the American series I miss.

The past few days, I have been making a checklist of countries I want to visit next year. Wondering why not this year? Because I will be graduating this year preferably October. It goes to show that I will be very busy till the end of the year. Hopefully next year , I already have a job and fulfilling one of my the ultimate goals in life will start. I just realized the other day that I’m not a person who easily gets contented and I long to move every now and then.

In connection to that, I really want to leave Davao for the weekend. I should have saved up all my extra money last year so that I can attend the Sinulog festival this weekend. But everything is too late now.

I actually don’t have any travel plans. Well, I want to go to Hongkong this December if my father will sponsor my trip as a graduation gift. I added South Korea in my wishlist since I have been watching too much Korean dramas lately.

Never thought that I have this desire to visit Seoul that much. As early as now, I’m trying to learn to speak their language and learn their culture. Watching Korean dramas and those times I watch videos in youtube greatly help. And you can find all sort of tutorials in the internet.

I’m also trying to find blogs which have posts about their Seoul’s adventure. Trying to list up all the possible places I can visit if hopefully I can go there. And mot of all, I want to unleash my fangirling prowess. Amusement parks are a must visit like Lotte World.

Well, Seoul hope you can wait for me next year. Spring or autumn time would be perfect for a visit. I can also give winter season a try. I would really love to see snow and I will put it in a jar to back back to the Philippines. Just kidding! 🙂


Random Ramblings

This post is actually posted in tumblr but last night I realized something. Tumblr is not so reliable blogging surface. It tends to be a freaking crap at times. I’m not a person born with a so long patience especially in things like this. I decided that wordpress is much more capable to cater with my needs like this one. Instead of exporting my blogs, I decided to just write another one with the same contents like pictures.

This pictures were mostly taken the week preceding the new year. Not that I’m busy or something but they are just random pictures taken. It may be connected to something, I’m just not sure.IMG_5867 IMG_5879Last Christmas Eve. I can’t resist posting these  pictures though I look disastrous in the first photo. My niece and nephew are the cutest thing ever, don’t you agree? They kinda look alike although Jairell (the one in blue) is the older one. ☺

IMG_5985Been constantly craving for chocolates. Any kind of chocolates but I still prefer the milk chocolate flavor. There is also flavor of Cadburry chocolate I really want to eat this past few months. I totally forgot the name of that flavor. All I know is that there is a caramel oozing outside the chocolate every time you bite. I also think it is only available abroad or may be in Duty Free. I tried looking for it at supermarkets but I really can’t find it.

IMG_6024Media Noche. For New Year’s Eve dinner, I think I consumed more than three plates full of food. And I didn’t get a small serving of each food but a big one. Desserts overload! And the food coma did not end there but it continued till now. I’m actually surprised my best friend did not comment that I’m fatter than the last time she saw me. I actually feel so bloated. But feeling so blessed with the food that’s coming my way. ☺

More posts to come this 2013 since I feel so right writing here. A brand new camera for me, please? I want to capture every moment that seems special since this year is my last year in college. I also hope for more travel before deciding if i should throw myslf to the sharks next year. But that’s a long way to go. I’m planning to enjoy this year to the fullest. ☺

Christmas Wishlist 2012

2012 is about to end that means the Christmas season is around the corner. It is not my tradition to make any wishlist but it is not bad to hope, right?  I know my parents will only be the one granting these wishes. So let’s start.

PicMonkey Collage

New phone.

Well, I have been hoping to get a new phone since my birthday. Papa bought a laptop first because it is needed for thesis works. I want a Blackberry Curve or an iPhone 4S. I really want to have an instagram account, one reason why I want an iPhone. As for the Blackberry, I just think it is so chic and the curve 9300 is so cheap already. a37x-460

iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Based on the review I have been reading, if you want to experience having the newest iPhone then you must have it. This one is bigger than the older version and is only available in 32 GB and 64 GB. The good thing is Apple offering different colors. I badly want the blue one. Yeah, I’m find blue cooler than hue. The camera of this one is good too. Aw, Santa please hear my wishes. 🙂

PicMonkey Collage1

Assorted Items.

1. Colored PantsThe good ones that I find are from Forever 21 or Penshoppe. Colored pants are in again this Christmas holiday and I wanna try wearing them again.

2. Keds Rubber Shoes. Badly need of rubber shoes. So tired of wearing flats to school and my precious nails are in verge of getting dead. Aside from that, I still have a PE subject.

3. Casio watch. I can’t live without a watch. My watch as of this moment is in its last line. It is 15 minutes late but it can’t be adjusted. Quite a dilemma, right?

4. Marc Jacobs Leopard Printed Laptop Case. I just want a branded laptop case. ‘Nuff said! 🙂

I wonder who will give me gifts this coming Christmas. Hoping they will have time to read this post so that they will have an idea what to give me. 🙂



I really don’t know what title to put in here. This is so random, I just miss writing here. I have so many drafts but halfway I tend to close the tab. Sorry me! I can seem to organize my thoughts nowadays. Kahit two subjects lang ako this term, I’m so patapon talaga. Wasak!

I’m back again reading The Despicable Guy. Wala kasing download link yung book two kaya back to wattpad na naman drama ko. Ok lang, no more rants on that part. Wala naman kasi akong magagawa. 🙂

Every time I try to move on, you’re right there. You screwed things up! – Jersey

One of the quotes na sinabi ni Jersey sa The Desicable Guy na tumatak sa ‘kin. Feel na feel ko tong statement na to. Wagas makatatak sa puso. Kasi ito yung na feel ko last semester or more likely last last semester. I know naman kasi na walang future yung feelings na  to (though feeling ko wala na tong feeling na to ngayon, I think!) Parang ewan lang siya kasi everytime na sinasabi ko na sana mawala na yung feelings kasi may nakita na naman ako (though di ko pa talaga nakita silang dalawa na makasama. Thank God!), magpapakita na naman siya sa kin. Yung parang sa stament lang, nandyan siya palagi parang telling me na I can’t do it. You-can’t-move-on-from-me stare niya, wagas! Yung mga tingin niyang ganun, naman. Wala na!

Akala ko talaga na di ko kaya ang mag move on. Di ko naman kasi alam kung paano gagawin yun. In the past, mawawala na lang yung mga crush ko either umalis na sila ng school or or ako ang umalis. Pero iba pala kung naglagay ka ng effort. Maybe it helped that we are in different campus already. Hindi ko na siya nakikita everyday. So yung feelings na nabuo noon, unti unting nawala I think!

Nakatulong rin ata na alam kong di siya maka move on kay girl. Ang ganda lang ng love life ko, di ba? Yung crush di maka move on kay girl. Halos five years na rin kasi nangliligaw si boy kay girl. Oh siya na ang wagas makhintay. Mabuti na lang alam ko yun!

Ngayon naman ok na ako.Yesterday nakita ko yung bestfriend ni boy sa basketball court sa may HRM building and I know na nandun lang siya somewhere. Wala na yung urge gaya ng dati na kailangan ko siyang makita. I walked passed by the basketball court with my head held high. hahaha!

Kaya ko ‘to! Ako pa!! Sana lang next year hindi na applicable sa kin yung statement ni Jersey. Yun na lang Christmas wish ko. Happiness overload na lang! 🙂


Last One.

Ang epilogue ng If I Fall ay na bukas ng umaga (I think!). Nakakalungkot isipin siya, infairness! But all good things really come to an end and this one is not an exemption. May request si Leng sa lahat ng readers, eto yun oh!

Ay, creep! Hindi clear yung ka crop. Eto yung request ni Leng, give daw at least 3 and a maximum of 5 fave If I Fall moments. Hindid daw pwedeng marami or many to mention. Dapat ata elaborate masyado.

Pak! Di rin clear. What’s wrong with photo edting sites today? Must learn to use photoshop efficiently. Next time na! 🙂

So eto yung answers ko.

1. Yung nagcheer si Barbs para kay Cy then nanalo ang Ravens (team nila Cy). Nagspeech si Cy walkout naman si B. Affected masyado si ateng sa mga turn of events.

2. Hinarana ni Rocky si Wes. *kiligpwet! Hindi ko na maalala kung kailan to. I think Christmas ata to nangyari pero eeeehhhh! Kilig lang! Ikaw na Wes ang hinarana ni Rocky.

3. Date ni B and Cy. Parang action movie lang ang peg. hahaha! Nuff said!

4. Mga speech ni B. Tagos sa puso yung mga speech ni B. Feel mo emotions niya through words. Galing galing ni B! Ikaw na!!!

5. ByRus moments! ♥ Solid ByRus ito teh!! Kahit nakasigaw pa si B dyan or nung pumunta si Cy sa bahay ni B nung namatay si Lola Babes, moments pa rin nila yun!!

Yung number 5  kasi hindi ko na kasi maclick ko na ang enter sa sobrang atat ko. hehehe! Solid ByRus ako. Though minsan like ko yung courage or frankness ni Seth, nah! Cyrus is the right one! 🙂

Kilig rin ako kay Lean and Vivein. Ewan ko ba. Parang trip ko yung mga student-teacher relationship ang peg. Parang si Aria and Ezra lang sa Pretty Little Liars. Or maybe like ko talaga si Atom Araullo who portrays Lean? 🙂

So, kinarer ko talaga ko ang comment na yun sa group ng If I Fall page. Pinag.isipan ko talaga yun ng masyado. Proud ako dun kasi nga sabi ko nga, sa last chapter na ako ng IIF magcocoment. Maybe magcomment rin ako sa epilogue. hehehe! Silent reader lang kasi ako. Though ang dami kong comment bawat chapter. hahaha!

Excited ako at the same time sad ako kasi epilogue na.

So Babrs, sino ba talaga ang pipiliin mo? Cyrus Please *insert puppy eyes* 🙂

Thank You!

I always have this dilemma towards math. Since high school ganito na ako. Bakit ba kasi kailangan pa ng math? Ang rami pa namang math. Di ba pwedeng makontento na lang tayo sa simpleng add, subtract, multiply and divide. Kailangan pa talagang idagdag ang ibang bagay.

Kaya nga ayoko ko ng higher math. Pinaghalo ba naman ang numbers and letter. Halllerrr! Nakakalito kaya!!

Last night, tinignan ng friend ko grades ko. Thank God!! Pasa naman ako. Though I wonder kung bakit may grade ako eh, kulang kaya ako ng isang exam. Muntik pa kaming mag-away ng prof ko dahil dun. Passing lang grade ko pero ok na yun kesa naman i.retake ko yun. Wagas! Sayang sa pero noh?!

Good news din. Pasa ako sa Accounting 7. Yun talaga yung isang subject na halos mag novena na ako maka pasa lang. Worse than worse na talaga yun. Known pa naman yung teacher na mahilig mambagsak. Jusko! Pero ok na teh. Napatayan pa niya grade ko sa accounting 1. Yeboi! Time to party.

Party time na talaga. Kahit sinabi ko pa na hindi ko iisipin grades ko pag umuwi na ako. Hindi naman kasi maiiwasan yun. Pero wala pa akong grade sa economics. Yung subject na yun ang serious problem. Umuwi ba namaan ako ng walaang critic paper. Naku po!

Kaya yan! Baka i.bagsak ako teh! Mag-aaway kami ni sir talaga pag ganun mangyari. Think positive lang! 🙂

Gusto ko sanang ipakita sa bestfriend ko yung ibang grades ko pero pag makita nun yun grade ko sa PE, patay na naman ako dun. Talak to the max na naman yun. Baka i.text ko na lang siya mamaya.

Thank God napasa ko yung dalawang subject na yun. Yun na lang naman kasi ang iniisip ko. Salamat po!! 🙂



While browsing an old phone of mine, I found some pictures from fourth year high school. Never thought that I still have a copy of these pictures. So, I decided to make a collage out of them.

Some pictures may be blurry but they serve as a remembrance of how things are used to be. 🙂